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| Optional Functions that QJAR Industrial Robot Can Add
Optional Functions that QJAR Industrial Robot Can Add  2020-03-13
Following functions are that QJAR industrial robot can add:
1. Touch Sense (free to add) for welding application. Through the multi-point detection of the welding job, the position of multiple weld seam can be quickly located, and the robot can be guided to complete the automatic and accurate welding of the workpiece.
robot touch sense

2. Electrical arc tracking (free to add). It's for welding application and only for digital welding machine. After simple installation and debugging, the function of seam tracking can be realized, which is convenient and easy to operate, and can improve the production efficiency of workpiece welding.
Electrical arc tracking
3. Robotic tracking function (Currently it can be added on Keba controller and it also needs to be add extra money. For QJAR controller, this function will be available in the end of March. This functinon is for handling and palletizing function)

4. Robotic vision function. ( Currently QJAR system can support vision function but QJAR doesn't match or test its robots with any vision system. Clients need to choose the vision brand by themselves.)

robot vision system

+86 13438150687


+86 13438150687

+86 13438150687

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