• Robotic Welding Application
    Robotic Welding Application 2022-02-06
    Due to the complexity of the process, labor-intensive, product quality and high volume requirements, the automation of the welding process is one of the most pressing problems to be solved in the manufacturing industry. Arc welding robot can accurately complete all kinds of linear...
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  • Robotic Painting
    Robotic Painting 2022-02-06
    The system is able to achieve automatic spraying with self-generating spraying sequence without manual programming by using laser, vision and optical sensor technology. The workspace of up to: 5000×3000mmApplication Fields:Automotive, furniture, home ap...
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  • Robotic Handling, Feeding, Loading and Unloading
    Robotic Handling, Feeding, Loading and Unloading 2022-02-06
    Handling robot is a kind of industrial robot that can automatically carry, loading and unloading of good. The robot has following advantages:Good reliability24 hours of continuous operation with high efficiencyEasy to operate and maintain, signifi...
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  • Robotic Palletizing
    Robotic Palletizing 2022-02-06
    The robot palletizing system is an automatic palletizing equipment. It replaces manual packing of goods of different shapes and sizes, automatic coding on the pallet or production line, non-stop operation, can quickly improve the efficiency of production and output, and reduce the...
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  • Delta Sorting
    Delta Sorting 2022-02-06
    Delta sorting robot has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, and strong rigidity. It can meet the needs of most work occasions. The model captures the target object through sensors or vision systems. Completes the dynamic tracking, pick-up, and placement of the obj...
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  • Robotic Polishing
    Robotic Polishing 2022-02-06
    The robot polishing system uses industrial robots to automatically grind and polish the workpiece surface on the abrasive belt machine. It has high output, stable quality and isolation treatment of polishing stations. It can effectively realize the isolation and recovery of metal...
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  • Stereoscopic Warehouse Automation
    Stereoscopic Warehouse Automation 2022-02-06
    High-density intelligent storage shuttle can achieve four-way maneuver, intelligent layer change, and collision avoidance management;Intelligent multilayer stacking shuttle can achieve multi-layer stacking and intelligent sorting;High-speed conveyor or off-the-ground thre...
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