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  • Robotic Welding Application
    Robotic Welding Application 2020-02-17
    QJAR arc welding robot can accurately complete all kinds of linear, curve and complex welding operations.Including Automobile robot welding,auto parts robotic we...
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  • Robotic Handling, Feeding, Loading and Unloading
    Robotic Handling, Feeding, Loading and Unloading 2020-02-17
    QJAR handling robot widely used in machine tools, 3C, electronics, home appliances, bathroom, automobile, motorcycles, and other industries.Such as Robot sorting...
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  • Robotic Palletizing
    Robotic Palletizing 2020-02-17
    QJAR automatic palletizing equipment can replace manual packing of goods of different shapes and sizes, automatic coding on the pallet or production line. Such a...
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  • Robotic Painting
    Robotic Painting 2020-02-17
    QJAR robotic painting system is able to achieve automatic spraying with self-generating spraying sequence without manual programming by using laser, vision and o...
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  • Robotic Polishing
    Robotic Polishing 2020-02-17
    QJAR robot polishing system uses industrial robots to automatically grind and polish the workpiece surface on the abrasive belt machine. ...
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  • Delta Sorting
    Delta Sorting 2020-02-17
    QJAR delta sorting robot has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, and strong rigidity....
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  • Stereoscopic Warehouse Automation
    Stereoscopic Warehouse Automation 2020-02-17
    QJAR high-density intelligent storage shuttle can achieve four-way maneuver, intelligent layer change, and collision avoidance management in stereoscopic warehou...
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+86 13438150687


+86 13438150687

+86 13438150687

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