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Stereoscopic Warehouse Automation

Stereoscopic Warehouse Automation 2022-02-06 09:11:51

  1. High-density intelligent storage shuttle can achieve four-way maneuver, intelligent layer change, and collision avoidance management;
  2. Intelligent multilayer stacking shuttle can achieve multi-layer stacking and intelligent sorting;
  3. High-speed conveyor or off-the-ground three-dimensional handling, mechanical arm for loading and unloading.



Large quantity, less variety: Large quantities of food, beverage, chemical and other industry with low product variety.

Cold storage operation: Reduce the low-temperature operation time, improve work efficiency and operation safety.

Deadline management: Strict requirements for batching of goods, first in and first out warehouse management.

Increase storage capacity: Need to maximize the use of warehouse space due to the limited storage space.

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