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10kg Payload 1450mm Reaching Distance Pick And Place Robot

Flexible and high speed 10kg payload pick and place robot. It’s with compact and light structure design….

Item No.: EV10-1450
Payment: T/T
Product Origin: China
Shipping Port: Shanghai or designated port
Lead Time: 15-30 working days


Functional Features

  • The well-knit design makes the 6 dof robotic arm body more slender than other same level product, so it is more flexible even in a small space, also keep a very low rate of collision with surrounding devices.
  • Maximum reach 1450mm
  • Automation and robotics lighter structure design than other same level product, so it is easy to install inside a system or to mount upside -down
  • High-rigidity arm and top-level servo control technology guarantee the smoothness and stability while the movement.
  • Rated payload 10kg, easily applied in multiple application
  • Industrial robotic arm built-in cable, no more catheter and cable twisting on the arm. Leak-proof structure, which can be applied in dust and oil-mist environment.

Technical Parameters

Model EV10-1450
Degree of Freedom 6
Payload 10   kg
Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Self Weight Around   190 kg
Installation Method Ground   Mounted
Power Capacity 4kw
Power Supply Three-phase   380V
Maximum Reach Distance 1450   mm
Axis J1(turn) ±170°
Axis J2(lower arm swinging) +70°—   -150°
Axis J3(uper arm swinging) +150°—   -90°
Axis J4(arm rotary) ±170°
Axis J5(wrist pitch) ±120°
Axis J6(wrist rotary) ±360°
Axis J1(turn) 170°/s
Axis J2(lower arm swinging) 110°/s
Axis J3(uper arm swinging) 240°/s
Axis J4(arm rotary) 300°/s
Axis J5(wrist pitch) 300°/s
Axis J6(wrist rotary) 375°/s
End flange solid
Upside Down Installation Yes
Main Application Handling,assembly,   sorting,material loading and unloading etc.

Motion Range and installation Diagram


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