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“EVS” Intelligent logistics system integration

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Intelligent logistics application scenarios

Core product introduction

Equipment configuration- -the four-way vehicle shelf system

Rated load running speed electric energy cell Battery charging time Battery life ambient temperature Equipment self-respect
1.0 T 1.5m/s 48V/40AH lithium iron phosphate ≤1.5h 6~8 Hours 0~45℃ 450kg
Automated material handling solution with the best efficiency and resource ratio, the practitioner of unmanned warehouse

Four directions

Drive along the longitudinal or transverse track and reach the plane

Any cargo position

Change track in situ

Change the track on the cross track, there is no need for turning space

Intelligent control

The terminal is free scheduling to realize automatic unattended

Dynamic management

Multi-vehicle scheduling automatically avoids

Automated material handling solution with the best efficiency and resource ratio, the practitioner of unmanned warehouse.

Equipment configuration- -a four-way shuttle car

A variety of sensors

Multiple sensors, self, main obstacle avoidance, perception tray is, no skew to ensure the positioning accuracy ± 2mm

A variety of sensors

Smoke temperature sensor, perception of warehouse fire point, real-time monitoring, danger immediate alarm

Touch the display

8-inch touch screen, In ter processor, 4G memory car body interior and server data double backup
5.8 GWIFI communication, change the communication mode to ensure smooth communication

Hydraulic jacking

Stronger load capacity without oil leakage and oil seepage

Road wheel

Glrap structure, vibration and noise reduction
The rim protrusions, autonomous guidance, guide high speed driving to prevent deviation

Temporary charging port

The side of the body is equipped with Anderson, charging plug, external power, source, maintenance and temporary charging

Anti-skid bracket

Contact surface pressing non-skid
Side bending to strengthen the bearing capacity

Backup battery replacement port

Built-in battery management system BMS; real-time feedback, automatic charging

Core product: AS / RS stacker

Hoist rope

6 times the safety factor design, the choice of imported lubrication-free wire rope


Abnormal lifting overspeed can effectively put the cargo platform clamp on the column guide rail

Stacker is a kind of automatic material handling equipment, as the core equipment of three-dimensional warehouse. The three-dimensional warehouse can improve the utilization rate of unit area, improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity and production cost; reduce the errors of goods and information processing; manage and control the materials reasonably and effectively, meet the needs of special storage environment, improve the quality of operation, ensure the safety of goods in the whole storage process, and facilitate the overall optimization of the system.

1. Fast and efficient Stacker has fast operation speed, strong reliability and high accurate access rate

2. High safety profile -Stacker is designed according to the highest safety level in Europe -Key core components and controllers are adopted from high-end European brands

3. High hardware configuration -Up to 32 meters high, working in different environments, including-30 degree cold storage -Frequency frequency motor, the fastest speed up to 240M / M, higher composite operation capacity

4. Energy consumption and energy resources can be recycled -Minimize the number of parts -Long machine life -Low operation and maintenance costs

Equipment configuration

the four-way vehicle hoist system
Rated load running speed Run the acceleration positioning accuracy Lift structure Carrying equipment
1.5 T 0.6~0.9m/s 0.3m/s2 ±1mm Gear teeth Car / cargo / vehicle and cargo

Advantages over the traditional elevator