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Head And Tail Stock Single Axis Welding Positioner

EVS single axis head and tail stock servo positioner consists of fixing base, gyration main spindle case and tail case, welding gyration frame, AC servo motor, RV precise reducer, conductive system, protective cover and electrical control…

Item No.: EVS-SWP-ZW-300/500/1000
Payment: T/T
Product Origin: China
Shipping Port: Shanghai or designated port
Lead Time: 15-30 working days


Technical Parameter

Item EVS-SWP-ZW-300 EVS-SWP-ZW-500 EVS-SWP-ZW-1000
Rated load 300kg (within main axis radius R350mm) 500kg (within main axis radius R400mm) 1000kg (within main axis radius R600mm)
Standard radius of gyration R600mm R700mm R900mm
Maximum angle of gyration ±360° ±360° ±360°
Rated speed of gyration 70°/S 50°/S 50°/S
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.06mm ±0.08mm ±0.10mm
Gyration frame size(length×width×height) 2000mm×660mm×90mm 2200mm×800mm×90mm 3000mm×1200mm×130mm
Positioner dimension(length×width×height) 2820mm×700mm×960mm 2900mm×700mm×1050mm 3900mm×800mm×1200mm
Standard gyration plate φ360mm φ360mm φ390mm
Height of gyration center 760mm 830mm 950mm
Power supply Three phase 200V ±10% 50Hz Three phase 200V ±10% 50Hz (with isolation transformer) Three phase 200V ±10% 50Hz (with isolation transformer)
Insulation grade H H H
Self weight about 400kg about 500kg about 800kg

 Brief Introduction of Structure

  • This single axis welding positioner is mainly composed by fixed base, rotation head and tail, welding positioning frame, AC servo motor and precise gearbox, conductive mechanism, protection cover and electrical control system.
  • The fixed base is a welded structure stress released. It is machined professionally to provide high accuracy at certain positions. The surface is painted after shot blasting, the color can be done according to customer’s requirements.
  • The rotation head and tailstock is also a welded structure stress released and fine machined, to provide long term working stability.
  • The positioning frame is welded by quality profile beams, heat treatment and machined to provide the surface finishing and self stability. Standard distance bolt holes are set for customer mount workpiece conveniently.
  • The rotation stability, positioning accuracy and longlife working is assured by using AC servo motor and RV gearbox.
  • The conductive mechanism is made in brass, which give perfect conduction. The foundation is whole insulation to protect the servo motor, robot, welding power, etc.

Standard Color of Equipment

No. Item Corlor Name Color Number
1 Case body and main body Peacock blue PB11
2 Base Graphite gray 7026
3 Rotating part and cover Medium yellow Y07
4 Machined parts and machined surface Black oxide  

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