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6kg Payload 750mm Reaching Distance China 6 Axis Handing Sorting Assembly Robot Arm

QJAR light-weight and high-quality 6-axis robot. It’s with high flexibility and fast running speed …

Item No.: QJR6S-1
Payment: T/T
Product Origin: China
Shipping Port: Shanghai or designated port
Lead Time: 15-30 working days


Brief Introduction

The overall system architecture of the 6 axis industrial robot is compact, lightweight, large workspace, fast response, high repeat positioning accuracy, applicable to assembly, sorting, handling, loading and unloading applications, etc.

Technical Details

Model QJR6S-1
Axis Number 6
Payload 6kg
Repeat Positioning ±0.02mm
Max Armspan 750.6mm
Motion Range J1 ±172º
J2 ﹢132º,﹣82º
J3 ﹢65º,﹣190º
J4 ±172º
J5 ±120º
J6 ±360º
Max Speed J1 367º/s
J2 321º/s
J3 367º/s
J4 372º/s
J5 476º/s
J6 705º/s
Allowable Torque J4 8.73N.m
J5 8.73N.m
J6 4.41N.m
Inertia Moment J4 0.47kg.m²
J5 0.47kg.m²
J6 0.06kg.m²
Robot Body Weight 39kg
Power Capacity 1.5kVA
Cabinet Size 375*421*211mm
Cabinet Weight 15kg
Source Single-phase
Installing Form Ground, Ceiling

Robot Overall Dimension and Motion Range Drawing

QJR6S-1 6 axis robot dimension and motion range

Robot Base Mounting Dimension Drawing

QJR6S-1 6 axis robot base mounting dimension drawing

Robot End Installation Dimension Drawing

QJR6S-1 6 axis robot robot end installation dimension drawing

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