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| Our Industrial Robots Applications Can be in The Following Industry Markets
Our Industrial Robots Applications Can be in The Following Industry Markets 2020-02-06 21:00:24

Our Industrial Robots Applications Can be in The Following Industry Markets:

Robotic Welding application.
Final user client for this application:

Various industries that need to metal welding application (board thickness better to be larger than 1mm, if the thickness is too small, the welding can easily weld through the board.).

Example industries:

(1) Shelves robotic welding.
For example:  goods shelves robotic welding, stocking shelves robotic welding, muscle rack steel shelving robotic welding, garage shelving robotic welding etc.

(2) Tables desk and chairs robotic welding. 
For example: Steel table robotic welding, Aluminum table robotic welding, Stainless steel robotic welding, Chair frame robotic welding, table leg robotic welding etc.

(3) Fitness Gym Equipment robotic welding.
For example:  flat, incline, and decline benches robotic welding, bench rack robotic welding, Dipping Bars robotic welding, Chin Up Bar robotic welding, Dumbbell Rack robotic welding, Barbell Rack robotic welding. Squat Rack robotic welding, Smith Machine robotic welding, Power Rack robotic welding, Leg Press Machine robotic welding,Hack Squat Machine robotic weldingLeg Extension Machine robotic weldingLeg Curl Machine robotic weldingSeated Calf Machine robotic weldingStanding Calf Machine robotic weldingLeg Abduction Machine robotic weldingLat Pull Down Machine robotic weldingPec Deck Machine robotic weldingCable Cross Over Machine robotic welding etc.

(4) Doors and Windows robotic welding.

For example:exterior door frame robotic welding, steel door frame robotic welding, pocket door frame robotic welding, garage door framing robotic welding, interior door frame robotic welding, aluminium door frame robotic welding, shower door frame robotic welding, sliding glass door frame robotic welding, barn door frame robotic welding, arch door frame robotic welding, cabinet door frame robotic welding, car door frame robotic welding, storm door robotic welding, sliding door robotic welding, glass.door frame robotic welding,aluminium window frames robotic welding, decor window frame robotic welding, steel window frames robotic welding, arched window frame robotic welding, farmhouse window frame robotic welding, storm window frames robotic welding.

(5) Switchgear robotic welding
For example: electrical switchgear robotic welding, metal clad switchgear robotic welding, gas insulated switchgear robotic welding, pad mounted switchgear robotic welding, low voltage switchgear robotic welding, high voltage switchgear robotic welding etc.

(6) Building material robotic welding

(7)  Motorcycle motorcycle frame robotic welding: 

Robot sorting,
Robot packaging,
Robot palletizing,
Robot box opening(unbox)
Final user client for this application:
Daily chemical products manufacturer,
Food manufacturer
Factories need Packaging application. Example: cardboard cap robot packaging
Application :
Robot screwing  
robot Labelling
PCB Assembly robot plug-in
robot gluing
soldering robot
Final user client for this application:
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) PCB assembly industry.


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