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Robot welding cell (Robotic Welding Workstation)

Robot welding cell (Robotic welding workstation) refers to a group of equipment combination which is mainly composed of one or more robots , equipped with corresponding peripheral equipment , such as positioner , conveyor , fixture , etc , or completed a relatively independent operation or process together with the aid of manual auxiliary operation .

Robot workstation is mainly composed of robot and its control system , auxiliary equipment and other peripheral equipment . In this configuration , the robot and its control system should choose standard device as much as possible , and special robot should be designed for some special occasions . However , the auxiliary equipment such as the end actuator and other peripheral equipment is quite different to different application occasions and workpiece characteristics .

Robot Welding Cell Solution Designing principles .

Because the design of the robot workstation is a relatively flexible technical work with many related factors , we can only abstract the common factors and draw some general design principles.
(1 ) Before designing , it is necessary to fully analyze the operation object and draw up the most reasonable operation process ;
(2 ) The solution must meet the functional requirements and environmental conditions of the operation ;
(3 ) The solution must meet the requirements of production rhythm ( production capacity requirements) ;
(4 ) The whole and all components must meet the safety specifications and standards ;
(5 ) Each equipment and control system shall be equipped with fault display and alarm device ;
(6 ) Easy to maintain and repair ;
(7 ) The operating system is convenient for network control;
(8 ) The robot workstation is convenient for wiring ;
(9 )The robot welding cell operating system shall be simple and clear , convenient for operation and manual intervention ;

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