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Collaborative Robots | Sand Core Grinding | Robot Deburring

Offer top level industrial welding, pick and place, handling, cutting robot arm, collaborative robots, and welding positioner, tracks and other related accessories.

We would like to share with you our application case of cobot grinding, using a floating grinding head, which has a certain degree of adaptability to the polishing force during deburring. Used in conjunction with the robotic arm for stable and efficient deburring, it can effectively replace manual labor and has better stability and polishing uniformity than manual labor.The collaborative robot in our case has a radius of 917mm, a rated load of 6kg, a repeated positioning accuracy of ± 0.02mm, and a weight of 21kg.

We are EVS TECH based in China. We offer high quality industrial robots, cobots, linear tracks and positioners and other related accessories globally. We make sure top reliable quality, and good service.

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