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Collaborative Robot |Gluing process robot| Coating automation

*Offer top level industrial welding, pick and place, handling, cutting rob Consumer Collaboration Robotsot arm, collaborative robots, and welding positioner, tracks and other related accessories reducer,comprehensive automation solutions.

We would like to share with you our case study of collaborative robot for Gluing process robot.The repetitive operation accuracy of collaborative robots is as high as ± 0.02mm, with small operating errors, which can ensure production rhythm, shorten production cycle, and improve production efficiency. Relying on the automated gluing solution proposed by the G6 collaborative robot, it can accurately control the glue amount, point position, and gluing trajectory, avoid uneven gluing problems such as overflow and shortage caused by manual operations, save materials, ensure yield, and become an important tool for customers to move towards high-quality production. By replacing manual work with G6 collaborative robots, workers can be liberated from toxic environments, avoiding harm to human bodies caused by glue, and ensuring their health and safety.

We are EVS TECH based in China. We offer high quality industrial robots, cobots, linear tracks and positioners and other related accessories globally. We make sure top reliable quality, and good service.

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