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Collaborative robot/Laser coding workstation/Semiconductor Industry Applications

*Offer top level industrial welding, pick and place, handling, cutting robot arm, collaborative robots, and welding positioner, tracks and other related accessories, reducer, comprehensive automation solutions.

We’d like to share you with one of our application cases with you about Laser coding workstation.The visual loading process of chip packaging is mainly divided into the following three processes:

first, with the help of machine vision for precise positioning, the robot grasps the chip shell and moves it into the pose correction area; Secondly, through visual correction, quickly adjust the posture of the chip casing;

Finally, accelerate the movement to the position of the empty tray to complete the feeding work, and then accelerate the movement to the next position for material collection, and reopen the chip shell for grabbing.As the core intelligent execution unit, this collaborative robot has increased the completion time of the entire process from 5.5s in the debugging stage to 2.9s, with a production rate of up to 1200UPH, exceeding customer expectations and performing impressively. And this collaborative robot has passed SEMI S2 certification testing in the semiconductor industry, looking forward to creating greater value for customers in the semiconductor field in the future!

We are EVS TECH based in China. We offer high quality industrial robots, cobots, linear tracks and positioners and other related accessories reducer, comprehensive automation solutions globally. We make sure top reliable quality, and good service.
Welding robot tutorial video: https://youtu.be/1UTBisK-jik?si=yL5pzPc8PGgSWca1
Teaching pendant interface tutorial video:

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