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Discover The Power Of 6 Axis Robots: An Ultimate Guide To Our Cutting-Edge Industrial Robotics

QJAR 10kg payload 6 axis robot arm with high repeated positioning accuracy and compact structure …

Item No.: QJR10-1
Payment: T/T
Product Origin: China
Shipping Port: Shanghai or designated port
Lead Time: 15-30 working days


Brief Introduction

As a leading industrial robot supplier from China, we are proud to introduce our state-of-the-art 6 axis robot, a versatile and high-performance robotic arm that is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. With its advanced features, impressive payload capacity, and wide range of applications, our 6 axis robot is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern manufacturing processes. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of our 6 axis robot, including its technical details, applications, operating procedures, and more.

6 Axis Robots

Technical Details of Our 6 Axis Robot

Our 6 axis robot is engineered with cutting-edge technology and boasts impressive specifications that set it apart from the competition. Here are some key technical details of our 6 axis robot:

1.Payload Capacity: Our 6 axis robot has a high payload capacity of up to 800 kg, making it suitable for handling heavy objects and performing demanding tasks in industrial settings.

2.Reach: The robot arm has a maximum reach of 3159 mm, allowing it to access hard-to-reach areas and work in confined spaces, providing exceptional versatility in various manufacturing environments.

3.Precision: Our 6 axis robot offers exceptional accuracy with repeatability of up to +/- 0.02 mm, ensuring precise and consistent results in repetitive tasks, which is crucial for maintaining high-quality production standards.

4.Speed: The robot arm is capable of swift and smooth movements, with maximum speeds of up to 2 m/s, enabling efficient and time-saving operations in dynamic manufacturing prosses.

Applications of Our 6 Axis Robot

Our 6 axis robot finds applications in a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes. Some common applications of our 6 axis robot include.

Applications of Our 6 Axis Robot

1.Material Handling: Our 6 axis robot can be used for loading, unloading, and transferring heavy materials, components, and parts, optimizing material flow and improving productivity.

2.Assembly: The robot arm can perform precise and repetitive assembly tasks, such as screwing, riveting, and gluing, ensuring consistent quality and reducing human errors.

3.Welding: Our 6 axis robot is equipped with advanced welding capabilities, making it suitable for welding tasks in automotive, aerospace, and other metalworking industries, delivering precise and high-quality welds.

4.Packaging: The robot arm can efficiently handle packaging tasks, including picking, placing, and packing products, reducing labor costs and enhancing packaging efficiency.

Technical Details of a certain model in a 6-axis robot

                Model                 QJR10-1
                Axis Number                 6
                Payload                 10kg
                Repeat Positioning                 ±0.05mm
                Max Armspan                 1671mm
                Motion Range                 J1                 ±172º
                J2                 ﹢166º,﹣107º
                J3                 ﹢83º,﹣92º
                J4                 ±170º
                J5                 ±125º
                J6                 ±360º
                Max Speed                 J1                 172º/s
                J2                 172º/s
                J3                 183º/s
                J4                 430º/s
                J5                 430º/s
                J6                 584º/s
                Allowable Torque                 J4                 24.6N.m
                J5                 24.6N.m
                J6                 9.8N.m
                Inertia Moment                 J4                 0.63kg.m²
                J5                 0.63kg.m²
                J6                 0.1kg.m²
                Robot Body Weight                 250kg
                Power Capacity                 3.3kVA
                Cabinet Size                 580*600*960mm
                Cabinet Weight                 130kg
                Source                 Three-phase four-wire
                Installing Form                 Ground, Ceiling

Robot Overall Dimension and Motion Range Drawing

Robot Overall Dimension and Motion Range Drawing

Robot Base Mounting Dimension Drawing

QJR10-1 6 axis robot base mounting dimension drawing

Robot End Installation Dimension Drawing

Robot End Installation Dimension Drawing

6-axis robot video

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