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QJAR Won Two 2019 Golden Globe Awards

On December 13, the 6th Golden Globe Awards Ceremony was successfully concluded at the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport. After passing through various points such as online voting and voting by the jury, QJAR Robotics won two Golden Globe Awards for Advanced Industries – 2019 Innovation Technology Award, 2019 Outstanding Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Case Award.

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2019 innovation technology award

Awards: 2019 Innovation Technology Award

Winner: QJAR six-axis robot QJR50-1A

QJR50-1A six axis robot
QJR50-1A industrial robot arm

➤ Full joint adopts RV reducer, with high rigidity casting and transmission chain design, repeat positioning accuracy can reach 0.05, which can adapt to pressure and ensure high precision application environment;

➤ Protection grade IP65, strong protection performance, high temperature resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, can work in harsh environments such as liquid splash, dust, spray paint, and high temperature environment;

➤ Large-scale J3 axis design and 290-degree motion range can realize upside-down motion, greatly improving the flexibility of application motion;

➤ Suitable for professional applications such as polishing and die casting;

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2019 outstanding intelligent manufacturing engineering case

Awards: 2019 Outstanding Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Case Award

Winner: C2M non-stick pan intelligent digital production line

C2M non-stick pan intelligent digital production line

C2M non-stick pan intelligent digital production line

➤ This intelligent production line subverts the manufacturing process of traditional cookware and eliminates the influence of human factors on product quality. It is the first set in the industry and a benchmark for the direction of industry reform;

➤ Tightly connect e-commerce, intelligent manufacturing, and the industrial Internet, and combine intelligent manufacturing of industrial robots and the industrial Internet of MES systems to achieve fully intelligent unmanned production and customized flexible customization;

QJAR Robotics will be based on the development of Chinese robots, adapt to market changes, advance with the times, and become innovative with a focus on the future, and provide professional, customized, systematic, and intelligent solutions to customer needs. Become the user’s preferred brand.

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