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welding robots for sale

Welding Robots for Sale

We have a comprehensive welding robot product range for welding various workpieces including aluminum, stailess steel. carbon, steel , copper etc. Our robot can do CO2 MIG, MAG, TIC automatic welding.
The welding robot model type you can choose are as following: 

QJRH4-1A: payload 4kg;1.4m reaching distance; hollow wrist structure
QJR6-3: payload 6kg; 2m reaching distance; solid wrist structure
SYB1506A: payload 6kg;1.5m reaching distance;  solid wrist structure
SYH1506K: payload 6kg;1.5m reaching distance; hollow end flange
SYH1806A: payload 6kg;1.8m reaching distance;  solid wrist structure
SYH1806K: payload 6kg; 1.8m reaching distance; hollow end flange
SYH2010A: payload 10kg; 2m reaching distance;  solid wrist structure
SYH2010K: payload 10kg; 2m reaching distance ; hollow end flange

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