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Things You Need Know When Making Metal,Plastic Robotic Deburring, Drilling Application Automation Project

Things You Need Know When Making Metal, Plastic Robotic Deburring, Drilling Application Automation Project

Generally, the pneumatic gripper is assembled at the end of the 6 axis robot arm, and then pick up and placed different tool choice at a specific tool position to realize tool replacement.

Drilling is related to the total weight of the tool, the reaction force of drilling (mainly to test the wrist, which is related to the thickness of the plate and the tool feeding speed), as well as the specific actions of the robot. So the robot selection mentioned above still needs the comprehensive consideration of the integration client. If you are not sure, 50kg may be reliable.   

For drilling, grinding and other applications, it is difficult to get clear values for various conditions. The judgment is mainly based on the actual use experience or experience accumulation into an analogy equation (but a case data is needed as a reference).

If it’s based on metal workpiece, we need to carefully consider the reaction force. If it’s based on the plastic workpiece, The reaction force can be ignored basically and it should mainly  focuse the weight of the fixture. Finally, consider the comparison between the actual action and the robot’s arm span. If it is close to the robot’s limit position, even though the robot’s end point position can be reached, but the appropriate certain gesture may not be achieved. This should be considered. The application of grinding and drilling that has some requirements on the gesture should also be set aside a little margin in the robot arm span. Under the comprehensive reference, choose between 20kg and 50kg payload model.

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