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Overhead robot tracks | Robot Slider | Robot Linear Tracks

Keywords: Overhead robot track, robot sliders, robot linear tracks, positioners work together, stable, easy to operate, reliable.

The servo travel guide is a semi-closed structure, which is mainly composed of mechanical parts, power mechanisms, lubrication systems, and protection systems.

The mechanical part is welded by high-quality profiles and steel plates. After professional heat treatment, mechanical processing, and post-processing, the stability and durability of use can be guaranteed; the surface is sprayed with anti-rust and purchased paint, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. Due to the modular design, it is convenient to upgrade it later.

The power system adopts a precision planetary reducer and a servo motor as its power mechanism. The power is transmitted by a high-precision helical rack and pinion and guided by a high-precision linear guide and a matching sliding seat, which can ensure the stability and positioning of the sliding table movement. of high precision.

Equipped with an automatic lubrication system, the guide rails and racks and racks are regularly lubricated with oil to ensure their normal use environment.

It adopts a sheet metal bending protective cover, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which is sturdy and durable without deformation and has a beautiful appearance.

We are EVS TECH based in China. We offer high-quality linear tracks and positioners, industrial robots globally. We make sure top reliable quality, and good service.

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