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QJAR Leads the China Domestic Industrial Robot Market to Ignite

From July 4 to 7, 2018, the 7th International Robot Exhibition in Shanghai was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). QJAR Robotics, with six major intelligent application projects, made an excellent appearance at CH-C09 booth.

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This Robot Exhibition is of great significance to QJAR Robotics: China International Robot Show (CIROS), led by China Machinery Industry Federation, is the first national-level exhibition platform for the whole industry chain of robots in China. It joins forces with major machines at domestic and abroad to create the most professional exhibition in the robotics industry.

Wang Yonggui, director of marketing of QJAR Robotics, said that QJAR Robotics has adopted the controller independently developed by self. Each application board has a project exhibition, which includes welding, polishing, deburring, spraying, loading and unloading, palletizing and other application fields, and has a leading position in the industry.

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Robotic Stamping Workstation

Reporters at the exhibition site saw that the robot stamping workstation is composed of QJRB15-1 handling robot and stamping machine tool. The stamping process does not need the reverse conversion surface of parts, so the cost of using 4-axis robot is lower than that of 6-axis robot; compared with traditional stamping manipulator, QJRB15-1 has the advantages of high precision, high flexibility, wide range of work and excellent price; under the same configuration, QJRB15-1 has the advantages – the joint speed of the robot is faster than that of the domestic similar products, and the effective load is increased from 10kg to 15 kg. The rigidity and deformation of the robot can meet the operation requirements of the robot and realize the lightweight of the robot through the reasonable configuration of the motor and the reducer, the optimization of the structure, and the calculation of the joint load by finite element analysis. The wiring of the robot is a completely new layout structure designed by QJAR Robotics independently. The cables are connected from the middle part of the arm to the three-axis motor of the small arm in reverse direction. Compared with the traditional two wiring forms, it has obvious advantages and saves production costs and maintenance costs.

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Two Robots Synergy MIG/TIG Welding Robotic System

QJAR Robotics two robots synery MIG/TIG welding robotic system is also very unique. QJAR autonomous developed controller and welding robot QJRH4-1 with welding machine QJ-350RL, WSME-315R can realize welding of carbon steel, non-ferrous metal, aluminum alloy and other metal materials, with synchronous pulse adjustment of wire feeding; Robot Digital communication, accurate control of wire filling, wire feeding speed; can achieve high-speed wire withdrawal; small TIG welding torch, good workpiece proximity and other characteristics. “Its constant welding parameters reduce the artificial influence on weld quality, ensure the stability of welding quality and reduce the number of defective products; by modifying the procedure, it can adapt to the welding of different products, 24 hours continuous production, improve production efficiency, and greatly improve the economic benefits of enterprises.”

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Robotic Deburing Workstation

Robot deburring workstation also shows excellent performance, it uses AGV automatic feeding, after the material is in place, it uses robot processing industry visual automatic positioning and clamping; it can realize customized development of internal material operation, automatic warehousing, flexible production lines and other solutions for customers by using MES, WMS, FMS, and provides all-round unmanned plant system services. It integrates the latest robotic technology and skilled deburring technology to promote the automation of deburring treatment.

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Weld Seam Treatment and Surface Grinding Workstation

“Over the years, our R&D team has been very creative. We not only have unique technology, but also have optimized the speed, accuracy and trajectory of the robot. The performance of the robot is also very good. It can be said that the performance of our robots can now rival that of foreign countries, and super cost-effective. On the one hand, the price is lower than that of similar robots abroad. On the other hand, the performance of our robots is better than that of similar robots made in China.” Wang Yonggui said that one of the pain points of domestic robots is that the core components such as controllers, reducers and motors are mainly imported, so the cost could not be reduced. For this reason, over the years, they have devoted great efforts to independent research and development of core components. At present, the R&D team has expanded more than 40 people. In addition, QJAR Robotics Research Institute has been established in Shanghai to make continuous breakthroughs in core technology.

“QJAR Robotics has stepped into the fast track of development since its absorption into ASD in 2016. Last year, our sales exceeded 1000 units, an increase of 8 times over the previous year. We have also carried out a national strategic layout, set up more than a dozen offices throughout the country to provide pre-sales and after-sales services.” Wang Yonggui said that QJAR Robotics is one of the backbone forces of domestic robots. Since being held by ASD in 2016, through accelerating technological innovation and market development, internal resource integration, and strengthening internal management, a set of technological innovation management system has been initially established, constantly increasing technological innovation and new product development, adhering to the cooperation of production, learning and research, and improving the research and development ability of independent intellectual property products, so as to further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

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Dual Robots Painting Workstation

Wang Yonggui said that QJAR Robotics is gradually using the self-developed control system to meet the various customized needs of customers. It can achieve rapid response and precise development, meet the requirements of different industries, and enhance the adaptability of products. At the same time, QJAR control system references the advantages and disadvantages of various controllers on the market, and puts forward a leading architecture. In welding, spraying, palletizing, handling and unloading, it integrates specialized process packages to make it more close to the needs of customers in different industries.

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