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Robotic Welding Application

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Due to the complexity of the process, labor-intensive, product quality and high volume requirements, the automation of the welding process is one of the most pressing problems to be solved in the manufacturing industry. Arc welding robot can accurately complete all kinds of linear, curve and complex welding operations. The automated welding process can greatly improve the automation level, efficiency, flexibility, and quality of production lines.

Application Fields: Automobile robot welding, auto parts robotic welding, motorcycles robotic welding, shipbuilding robotic welding, rolling stock robotic welding, boilers robotic welding, heavy machinery robotic welding, railway locomotives robotic welding,shelves robotic welding, racks robotic welding, table robot welding, chairs robot welding,fitness equipment robot welding,door frame robot welding,window frame robot welding, Switchgear robot welding,Motorcycle robot welding.

Advantages: The advantages include simple operation, automatic welding, high efficiency, no welding operator, labor cost savings. The automated welding process provides flat and uniform welding seams, consistent results without cracks, pores, and having high and even hardness at the same time. They good welding quality reduces the requirement for post-process touch up.

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