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Collaborative Robots |Intelligent Wearable Devices|Robot Automatic Detection

*Offer top level industrial welding, pick and place, handling, cutting robot arm, collaborative robots, and welding positioner, tracks and other related accessories.

We would like to share with you our application case of collaborative robot,  One G6 collaborative robot can complete the loading and unloading of four airtightness testing machines, surpassing previous equipment in terms of speed, accuracy, and flexibility. The five devices tested in the early stage have been running stably for 2000 hours without any faults, and have successfully passed project acceptance,greatly enhancing customers’ confidence in using the intelligent wearable device airtightness handling and testing machine in a large scale.

We are EVS TECH based in China. We offer high quality industrial robots, cobots, linear tracks and positioners and other related accessories globally. We make sure top reliable quality, and good service.

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