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Collaborative Robot |3D visual loading and unloading|Machine tool loading and unloading

*Offer top level industrial welding, pick and place, handling, cutting rob Consumer Collaboration Robotsot arm, collaborative robots, and welding positioner, tracks and other related accessories reducer,comprehensive automation solutions.

We would like to share with you our case study of collaborative robot for Medical Testing Robots. This robot can be started with one click and is compatible with two different types of material trucks, completing automatic feeding of five types of workpieces. The employee pushes the material cart to the designated position, and uses various sensors such as photoelectric and displacement sensors combined with 3D cameras to automatically identify the model of the material cart, the number of material layers, the type and position of the workpiece. The calculation data is transmitted in real-time to the G12 collaborative robot, thereby automatically realizing the loading of various components. The entire loading work rhythm is less than 8.5 seconds, greatly improving production efficiency.

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